Things To Know About Overhead Guards For Scrubber Dryers

Overhead guards Updated on Sunday, June 20, 2021

Overhead guards

Do you own commercial space or another large building that needs regular cleaning? Taking the time to clean the floor by hand can be frustrating for your employees and waste a lot of time. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to these cleaning needs.

A ride on floor scrubber dryer is a perfect solution to help keep any factory, store or other expensive building clean and hygienic for the safety of both your workers and customers. Overhead safety guards help protect workers using this important machine.

What Is a Scrubber Dryer?

A scrubber dryer is an electric or battery-powered machine that is used to wash and dry hard interior floor surfaces. You can use them for regular maintenance and for occasional deep cleaning as needed.

The machine uses brush heads located at the front end that rotates and applies pressure to the floor surface. A cleaning solution is added to a holding tank and mixed with water that is released as the machine moves forward. The brushes then scrub away dirt, while a squeegee and suction located behind them remove the excess water to leave behind a clean floor.

While using a mop and bucket can take hours to effectively clean a large floor, a scrubber dryer does the job much more thoroughly and covers a greater surface area in a shorter amount of time. As a further advantage, the operator doesn’t need to expend a great deal of energy and can simply navigate the scrubber dryer and control the functions with touch keys.

The safety of scrubber dryers means that almost anyone can learn to operate the machine effectively with little risk of harm. They come in various sizes and models to suit any building type and need. Smaller scrubber dryers – E61, E75, E83, are great for narrow spaces such as a commercial building filled with many aisles. This size easily fits through a regular doorway so they can be maneuvered between tighter areas. 

Why Are Overhead Guards Important?


Scrubber dryers are simple to use but are still powerful and need to be operated properly to prevent any injury. The steel guards are an important design feature that helps to protect the operator of a ride-on floor scrubber dryer. This casing covers the moving parts of the mechanism to prevent injuries such as pinched fingers, accidentally getting your clothing or other items caught in the rotating gears, and exposure to heat and cleaning solvents or oils.

Ride-on versions are a fantastic option to invest in. These models of scrubber dryers – E85 and E100 have a wider path to get the job done fast. Another advantage of the ride-on models is there is less risk of a slip and fall because the operator isn’t standing on the slick floor.

The guards of the machine also help to extend its life. They protect the interior from damage from cleaning products, built-up dirt and the weather. This keeps your machine running like new for longer, making it a good investment and more than worth the money you spend to purchase one. 

What Can You Use a Scrubber Dryer For?

One of the best things about using a scrubber dryer is that there is a model and type to work nearly anywhere. A walk behind floor scrubber dryer machine is perfect for tighter quarters, while ride-on lets you easily cover a lot of ground quickly.

They can be used on almost any type of hard flooring, from linoleum to marble to cement. Modern scrubber models are quieter, so they can be run in most office buildings, schools, or hospitals without causing a large disturbance to your employees and clients.

With proper care, your scrubber dryer can last a long time. Remember to only use the proper type of detergent, empty the wastewater tank after using and always wipe down the squeegees and other surfaces to keep them in top condition to last longer.

The convenience and safety of scrubber dryers make them a valuable tool to keep any hard surface floor in great shape. Your commercial or industrial building needs this equipment as part of its maintenance and cleaning routine.

The ease of use and effectiveness of this machine makes it a great asset for keeping your building in excellent condition. Clean floors look appealing and convey a sense of pride and responsibility in caring for your property. Accomplish this and save yourself a lot of money with the help of Australian Sweeper Corporation by getting a quality scrubber dryer.