Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean With a Commercial Floor Sweeper

commercial floor sweeper machine Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Getting a new floor made – laminate or vinyl – is costly and time-consuming. So, it is natural for you to want to keep it clean and in top condition. Although the basic cleaning process for residential and commercial spaces may appear similar at first glance, the supplies and machinery used differ quite a bit.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, most companies invest in industrial cleaning supplies and machines like commercial floor cleaners. In this article, we explore the tips that will help you keep your office floors clean with the help of a commercial cleaning machine

Before discussing the tips, let us first understand what a floor sweeper is and how it works.

What is a commercial floor sweeper?

Floor sweepers are the upgraded and mechanised version of a simple household broom. It is a commercial floor cleaner that removes dirt, dust, and all kinds of debris with the help of a roller brush and dumps the trash collected into an in-built container.

The dust, dirt, and debris are gathered and disposed of as the machine cleans the floor. Then, it would be best if you periodically emptied the in-built trash container to keep the machine in good shape.

How many types of commercial floor sweepers are available in the market?

Commercial floor sweepers can be broadly categorised into two sectors. They are:

  • Walk Behind Floor Sweeper:

In these floor-cleaning machines, the operator pushes the equipment from behind to guide it along the space that needs cleaning. 

Walk-behind floor sweepers can be motorised or manual, depending on the model you invest in. One of the best examples of a walk-behind floor sweeper is the ASC Eureka M1. However, there are also electric floor sweepers available in the market.

Walk-behind floor sweepers are best suited for cleaning small, compact spaces with nooks and corners in the floor design. Suppose you are looking for high-quality cleaning machines within budget. It would be best to invest in these since they can collect dust, nails, papers, screws, and many other items.

  • Ride-On Floor Sweeper:

Unlike walk-behind floor sweepers, the ride-on alternative allows the operator to sit on the machine and drive it. These commercial machines can be engine based or can also run on electricity.

Compared to Walk-Behind, Ride-On floor sweepers can be used for cleaning all kinds of spaces. For example, you can invest in the ASC Eureka M3 small ride-on sweeper to clean elevators and lobbies. However, if you are looking for something big, then ASC Eureka M5, M6, and M8 are some of your top choices.

Ride-on floor sweepers reduce labour fatigue as they do not have to push the machine around the floor to clean it. 

Tips to clean floors with a commercial floor sweeper

If this is your first time using a commercial floor cleaning machine, you must note a few things to use the equipment efficiently and clean the floors properly. Knowing the care routine of your floor and working your machine inside out helps do that. Following these tips, you can use a commercial sweeper to clean your floor efficiently.

Read the manual carefully

It might sound obvious or unnecessary, but it is essential to read the manual carefully. New industrial floor cleaners come with a wide range of features you might not be acquainted with. The manual will help you identify them and teach you the right way to use these features for optimum cleaning.

Practice using the floor sweeper

If one of your employees is handling the machine, they must practice with it a few times before starting the actual cleaning routine. Using a floor sweeper – ride-on or walk-behind – for the first time on a busy warehouse or lobby floor might cause unnecessary accidents and injuries, especially if the operator is using the machine for the first time.

The last thing you need is a knocked-down table, machine, or a human. Practice turning the corners and cleaning the nooks a few times, and you will be ready to use it.

Keep the area clear of obstacles

Remove all possible objects from the floor that can hinder the efficiency and progress of the floor sweeper. It is also essential to prevent bumps and knocks with the machine and the risk of damaging it. Once this is done, start slowly until you are comfortable handling the machine. With time you can speed up and move swiftly. 

Empty the in-built trash container

The quality of cleaning depends entirely on how well the floor sweeper is maintained. For example, suppose you forget to empty the collection container in time. In that case, it will affect the efficiency of the machine and can hinder its functionality. So, ensure that you clean out the container after each cleaning routine to make the job easier.

Why choose ASC for all your commercial cleaning needs?

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