Tips & Tricks for Maintaining Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

Updated on Thursday, September 17, 2020

Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine
Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

If you own a commercial business that has a lot of floor space that needs to be cleaned regularly, chances are you own a floor scrubber machine. If so, you’ll need to know how to look after your industrial floor scrubber.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some tips for maintaining a floor scrubber, so your floor cleaning equipment will serve you well for many years to come.

Why You Need To Look After Your Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine

It doesn’t matter whether you buy or hire a floor scrubber, the machine still needs to be maintained for optimum cleaning results and so the machine doesn’t break down. Obviously, if you own your floor cleaner, you’ll need to look after it, as there will be no hire company to perform floor scrubber machine maintenance.

A floor scrubber, sweeper, dryer will serve you well in so many ways. One key area where professional floor cleaning equipment is a fantastic choice for commercial businesses is they save you money and time. If your staff are tasked with cleaning duties at the end of the shift, a walk-behind or ride-on floor cleaner will get your floors clean in quick time, and it saves on the cost of hiring professional commercial cleaners.

If you don’t maintain your machine, then savings will go out the window, being replaced by repair and maintenance costs.

Top Tips For Maintaining a Floor Scrubber

Every model of floor scrubbing machine is a little bit different, but maintenance procedures for most models will be the same or similar.

If your scrubber/cleaner has a recovery tank for dirty water, this tank needs to be emptied out and cleaned after each use. It’s best to do this as soon as possible after floor cleaning before dirt and debris have a chance to dry. This enables ease of cleaning, which saves both time and energy. If you don’t clean the recovery tank regularly, it’ll start to smell as well. A dirty recovery tank can also hinder results.

Scrubbers equipped with a squeegee assembly or vacuum shoe also need TLC in these key areas. Naturally, there will be a build-up of grime after each use. This dirt and debris need to be removed from the squeegee or vacuum shoe for optimum cleaning results the next time you use your floor scrubber.

Scrubbing brushes or scrubbing pads should also be cleaned. Brushes wear out over time and become less efficient, so it’s important to set a schedule for scrubbing brush replacement so your floor scrubber delivers excellent results every single time it’s used.

Tanks that hold the cleaning solution need to be emptied. There is a chance that the solution could gum up the filters if the tank isn’t drained. This will adversely affect the capacity of your floor scrubber to clean efficiently.

Floor scrubbers that do use a cleaning solution will have jets that spray the floor beneath the machine as it scrubs. In order for these jets to spray evenly and not clog up, they need to be maintained as well. One tip is to remove the jets occasionally and soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water overnight. This softens up any built-up debris and breaks down mineral deposits. Do this, and the jets will always be as good as new.

Maintenance of your floor scrubbing machine is all about keeping the device in top shape. Your floors will be cleaner and more hygienic as a result, and there will be far less chance of equipment breakdown. All equipment in your business requires maintenance and servicing to perform well and the floor scrubber is no exception.

Hire a Floor Scrubber

If you don’t want to purchase floor cleaning equipment and have to maintain it, then it might be a better idea to hire a scrubber from a cleaning equipment supplier.

With almost 3 decades of industry experience, the Australian Sweeper Company (ASC) is your premier choice when it comes to floor cleaning equipment. Give us a call, have a chat about your requirements with one of our friendly staff and we’ll suggest the best floor scrubbing machine for your business.