Walk-Behind vs Ride-On Floor Cleaning Equipment

Walk-Behind Vs. Ride On Sweeper Updated on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Whatever the nature of your business, cleanliness should always be a top priority. Facilities that experience a lot of foot traffic from the likes of employees, customers, contractors, visitors, patients, and volunteers can benefit greatly from industrial floor cleaners because the ensure a thorough clean, meaning the premises reach correct health and safety standards.

Commercial floor cleaners give better results than manual cleaning equipment and are more efficient. They can greatly increase workplace productivity and are a great investment that doesn’t drain business resources.

If you’re considering either buying or renting an industrial cleaning machine to have on-site at your facility, but you’re are unsure whether you are best off investing in a walk-behind floor cleaner or a ride-on floor cleaner – or perhaps you want to know what the difference is – we’ve highlighted the benefits of each type below.

Walk-Behind Floor Cleaning Equipment: The Benefits

Walk-behind Sweeper

Walk-behind cleaning equipment is a great option for facilities that have a smaller surface area or have narrow walkways. This is because the machines are smaller and can fit into tight spaces and move around narrow hallways.

Walk-behind cleaning machines can also be maneuvered around obstacles with more precision than ride-on cleaning machines, which results in a more thorough clean. Walk-behind cleaning machines are also better suited to areas that have ramps and inclines.

Overall, walk-behind cleaning machines offer great flexibility, ideal for smaller spaces or buildings that have intricate floorplans. Spaces like these include:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Ride-On Floor Cleaning Equipment: The Benefits

Ride-On Floor Cleaning Equipment

Whereas walk-behind cleaning machines are best suited to buildings with a smaller footprint or spaces with narrow walkways, ride-on cleaning machines are ideal for larger spaces, simply because they can cover larger expanses of ground quickly and efficiently.

A facility that typically has a lot of wide-open spaces, such as warehouses, factories, museums, airports, shopping malls, etc. would benefit greatly from having a ride-on cleaning machine on-site. It would greatly improve workplace productivity as operating one takes less time and requires less effort compared to traditional manual cleaning methods.

What’s more, a facility that experiences a lot of public foot traffic at all times of the day (for example, a busy airport terminal) would lose business if it had to shut its doors for long. However, if there was a ride-on cleaning machine on-site the job of cleaning could get done quickly and cause little disruption to the area in question.

Walk-behind vs ride-on floor cleaners: the result

There are many benefits of both walk-behind and ride-on cleaning machine varieties. They increase workplace productivity, achieve a better clean, are less disruptive to business operations, are easy to use, and don’t put a drain on business resources,

The only difference between the two is that walk-behind floor cleaners are more beneficial when used in smaller spaces due to their flexibility and maneuverability, whereas ride-on cleaning machines are designed to cover larger areas in a short amount of time. Both machines make economical sense when used in appropriate facilities.

Once you’ve determined which type of floor cleaning machine is right for your facility, get in touch with us at ASC to discuss your buying options. Or, if you need more advice on whether your business or facility would benefit more from a walk-behind or ride-on variety, don’t hesitate to enquire – we are happy to help!