What are the Key Benefits of Buying an ASC Machine?

Updated on Monday, August 2, 2021

Most sweeper and scrubber manufacturers use commonly available, branded components, but differences amongst the various brands delivered to each manufacturer can be very distinct. In the case of auto scrubbers, these differences make ASC machines stand out above the rest–and there are several reasons why.

High-Quality Builds are an Economical Choice

Internal components within motor assemblies are not all built alike, and these differences often result in enhanced or decreased longevity. The higher the quality build is within the part, the more it’s guaranteed to be reliable, even when they look the same and have the same specifications, such as Kw rating and output.

For example, one motor may have a design life of 1200 rated hours, while another may be rated well over 5000 hours. The 1200 hour motor from a branded supplier can be 47 % cheaper than the more reliable 5000 one, but the acute savings could cost you in the long run.

It’s common for one parts manufacturer to supply seven different brands of sweeper and scrubber manufacturers with the same brand parts but the internal components within that part may be very different. Every ASC sweeper is built with first-rate, quality parts for a truly long-lasting and high-performance machine.

High-Grade Components Reduce Operation Costs Too

Lower-grade components directly translate to the user paying more by way of higher running costs due to premature replacement of components. Sometimes, this can even increase your utility bills by thousands of dollars per year.

Higher-spec machines, like the ASC Eureka, have testing stations that test individual motors for wear, reliability, overheating, and balance. This assures the owner of an ASC Eureka a greater return by delivering higher reliability and lower long-term running costs.

Quality Parts are Only Made With Durable Materials

The use of plastic is found in a large number of today’s sweepers and scrubbers, as it’s 80 % cheaper to mould plastic components than it is to make those same components from steel. With steel components, unlike plastic, manufacturers can select the grade and strength of the steel they use in the manufacturing assembly.

Different manufacturers have an array of metals to choose from and are usually chosen based on price and availability. Seldom are these metals tested for breaking points under crush and impact scenarios.

The ASC brands of equipment, however, are all designed for extreme conditions. Frames, bearing assemblies, main and side broom undercarriage components are all tested in simulated hit and impact zones to prove industrial worthiness, with a much higher breaking tolerance than similar machines used in commercial applications.

Superior Builds are Always Practical and Effective

Increasingly, sweeper and scrubber manufacturers are strapped in an era of cheap assembly. The ultimate loser is the end-user / buyer. The use of electronics in sweepers and scrubbers highlights these factors. Today’s electronics are relatively cheap to buy and assemble in both machines. The concept of plug-and-play is commonly used by most manufacturers to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible. In contrast, ASC does not use this process and minimises electronics wherever possible.

The ASC sweeper machines are manufactured without the overuse of high quantities of electronics, solenoids, sensors, motors, computer boards, wire harnesses, actuators and diodes. Tried-and-tested steel lifting cables, toggle switches, fuses and levers are used instead.

ASC Machines are the Best in Dust Control

Dust removal and filtration is a critical aspect of any sweeper, as most sweepers in the market are known to blow dust. This is not only frustrating to users, but it is also environmentally unfriendly and expensive to remedy.

Using ASC-approved industrial dust filtration systems, sweepers can work successfully with all kinds of dust, from alumina, cement, lead zinc, concrete, and general tyre dust. ASC uses market-leading dust filtration systems that trap dust to less than five microns. Other manufacturers struggle to meet ASC dust emission standards by comparison.

A machine that does not blow dust costs less to maintain and repair. All ASC machines are driven with a world-class dust removal system designed to meet OH&S dust emission standards, even for many years after purchase.

The way machines are assembled and fitted means the difference between a good and poor quality product. From the ease of repair to improved operation, high-quality ASC sweeper machines are industry standouts. The well-engineered machines of ASC are designed with easy access to the engine, battery bay, skirts, squeegees, vac hoses and brush replacement, to ensure each machine remains in commission and does every job well for many years. Contact us today to know more.