What is Artificial Grass?

Updated on Monday, July 20, 2020

Artificial Grass Sweeper

Artificial grass is essentially a synthetic man-made nylon material that is woven and made to look like real grass. To the naked eye, it looks real. Its rolled out very much like carpet using sand as an underlay.

There are different grades of synthetic grass available for varying applications.

The material is a woven synthetic material (its base is either a polypropylene or nylon base ) and the manufactured product looks very similar to the domestic carpet when rolled out.

Typically synthetic grass is made in either a green or blue colour.

There are many variants of synthetic grass. Some grades are short & firm while others are long and soft. This grass can be purchased anywhere from wholesalers & retailers alike.

Astroturf is also available with a sand base mixed into it.

This type of sand & grass mix is used largely on Tennis courts which allow participants to slide along the grass to make playing easier.

The sand & grass mix is also widely used in childcare centers, schools & playgrounds. The sand acts to protect a child’s fall as a cushion.

It’s very common nowadays to see many retirement facilities using Astroturf on their lawn bowl facilities. The benefits to the bowls user is a more uniform rolling ball action and players are less susceptible to lost time when it rains.

In recent years, thousands of households are converting to use synthetic grass in domestic residences instead of natural grass lawns.

A typical home user’s investment in synthetic grass delivers them many benefits.

They include the:

1. Elimination of mowing lawns

2. Weeding and use of pesticides

3. Expensive watering systems

4. The aesthetic benefit of a green lawn all year round regardless of the weather.

Most people will have seen synthetic grass used in sporting complexes where hockey is played. The uptake on hockey fields has been astronomical. It’s an efficient product to use in this arena as hockey courts using real grass are extremely expensive & troublesome to maintain.

The advantage of Synthetic grass in commercial applications?

Synthetic grass is designed to last approximately 4 to 7 years and requires very little maintenance.

There is no moving, watering or weeding required. Undulations or cracks in the subsoil don’t occur as they do with natural grass & the product doesn’t discolour.

It’s a product that can be washed or swept.

The problem with Synthetic Grass?

Once the Synthetic grass that is laid down it is always walked on. With continual foot traffic, the grass gets flattened. The thicker the tuft the more obvious this becomes. This problem is very similar to a pile indoor carpet. Over time the carpet looks uneven and messy.

The only way to lift the carpet pile is to use a carpet brush on a vacuum cleaner. Unlike indoor carpet, synthetic grass is 27 times stronger and needs and a much stronger machine capable of lifting the pile without destroying the grass. An artificial grass sweeper is the most effective solution.  ASC offers both lawn sweeper hire and lawn sweeper rentals for its ASC Eureka MEP, ASC Eureka M1 and M3 artificial lawn sweeper machines.

The use of an artificial turf cleaner machine for regular cleaning and maintenance of all synthetic turf is very important in maintaining its look and function, as well as extending its life. This can be maximised by using quality artificial grass cleaning equipment.

Synthetic grass also traps a lot of dust and this too needs to be swept using a synthetic grass sweeper.

An ASC approved artificial grass cleaning machine is the most efficient way to keep & maintain the aesthetics and structure to ensure the longest life from the synthetic grass.