What Role Does An Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Play in Mining & Construction Industry

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Floor Cleaning Machine in Mining & Construction Industry

Every commercial enterprise involves keeping the place clean and hygienic, from restaurants through to warehouses and industrial businesses. Floors are one of the main areas that require lots of cleaning due to their expanse, and a floor cleaning machine really helps make light work of this.

So, when it comes to the mining and construction industries, what uses of a floor cleaning machine are there, and what are the benefits of mining cleaning equipment?

We’ll take a look at the role of a floor cleaning machine in these industries and discover how it can help.

The Uses of a Floor Cleaning Machine In Mining and Construction

When we think of cleaning floors in commercial and industrial premises, we naturally think of established locations, such as a shopping mall, restaurant or even a warehouse environment. With mining and construction, either earth is being excavated or a building is being built. These don’t sound like environments where established floors need to be cleaned.

This isn’t exactly true, though. These environments need to be kept clean and tidy for safety reasons as well as aesthetics whilst work or construction is taking place.

Let’s look at the mining industry. There are all different types of mines in operation throughout Australia. It’s true that certain areas of a mine – particularly an open-cut mine – won’t have established floors to be cleaned, but there are other zones in the operation that do. For example, hard rock mining operations will have established areas inside the mine itself and these zones will need the help of an industrial floor scrubber or commercial sweeper to keep them clean and free of debris.

Mining sites also have office space, crew quarters, common areas such as kitchens and mess halls. These regions will need regular floor cleaning and with the help of an industrial scrubber or sweeper, that task will be made so much easier and faster.

Within the construction industry, having dust and debris lying about can prove to be a real hazard for anyone working on-site. Think about all the dusty, unswept floor areas that you would typically find on any construction project. Floors covered in loose material can be slippery and cause an accident.

Something like an industrial sweeper with dust control can clean up this kind of mess very quickly, leaving the floors clean, stable and safe. This is exactly the kind of workplace environment that’s necessary on building sites to ensure there are no issues.

While a sweeper or floor scrubber is not going to clean up large chunks of debris or trash, its regular use after a clean up of garbage will guarantee a much safer floor space, no matter where on the construction site it’s located.

If there is a concrete driveway established to gain access to the construction site, then this expanse will need to be regularly swept as well, and an industrial floor cleaner is perfect for the task.

Some Types of Industrial Floor Cleaners

We’ve mentioned the sweeper with dust control. This model of floor cleaner is useful both outdoors and indoors, making it perfect for dust control in both mining operations as well as the construction industry.

Floor scrubbers are great for sanitizing floors, as they sweep, scrub, disinfect and dry all at the same time. They make short work of dirty and grimy floors, leaving them sparkling clean in an instant. Once again, they are a great choice for building sites as well as the mining industry.

Floor scrubbers and sweepers come in various sizes and are powered by different fuel sources. There are ride-on models for those really large areas, as well as walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers.

The easiest way to determine what’s best for your needs is to chat with experts in the industry.

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