What’s The Difference Between a Street Sweeper and an Industrial Sweeper?

Updated on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Street Sweeper vs. Industrial Sweeper

Street sweepers are street cleaning machines designed to clean city streets, pathways, parking lots, and loading bays to help you keep your streets and roads clean. These big bulky machines are very powerful and are designed to collect all types of waste, such as leaves, bottles, paper, etc., on roads without damaging the urban spaces.

An industrial sweeper is a machine that is designed to sweep all the dust and debris from industrial and commercial floors. Both the street sweepers and industrial sweepers do what regular brooms can’t do. These machines clean up large floors within quick time and hence save time and energy.

How a Street Sweeper works?

A street sweeper is usually a truck with a street sweeping mechanism designed exclusively for cleaning streets and gutters. The trucks that are typically used in Australia are either a Hino or Isuzu product. Also commonly termed as a “curb and gutter sweeping machine,” it spends 97% of its time picking up leaves, paper, and twigs from street gutters. This kind of sweeping is conducted by local councils and municipalities to eliminate leaves blocking up the drain system. Once it rains, the streets are configured in such a way that the water tapers to the drain system.

The street sweepers usually have three working mechanisms: mechanical sweeping, vacuum sweeping, and regenerative air sweeping.

In the mechanical broom sweepers, the rotating broom picks up the debris such as sand, gravel, millings, etc., onto the conveyor sending it all into the hopper. The vacuum sweepers use a vacuum or suction method to pick up debris. This kind of sweeper employs high-velocity airflow to suck up material into its hopper. The unfortunate part of this sweeping concept is that most of these street sweeping machines create a lot of dust while sweeping. To offset this, they are fitted with water suppression, but it’s limited as they still blow a lot of airborne dusty while sweeping. The regenerative air sweeper uses a hydraulic system to power air jets to stir up the dirt and debris that is sucked up in the hopper. The receptacle has filters that clean the dirt, and hence the same air is used again.  The street sweeper price varies with mechanism, size and capacity. All these street sweepers help you keep the streets and roads clean quickly with less labor!

How an Industrial Sweeper works?

Industrial sweepers are specifically designed for industries to sweep dust and debris (rocks, gypsum, cement dust, tire rubber, glass, etc.) and then filter 100% of this captured dust from the floor into the machine without emitting any dust back into the environment. Industrial sweepers use 95% less suction than a street sweeper, generate no dust while sweeping, and are specifically designed to pick up material that a street sweeper will not.

An industrial sweeper by design is a hand-built product that has a unique purpose-designed chassis. Generally, the machines are a 3 wheel concept & have main brooms the length of the chassis, which work to pick up rocks, dust, and general debris. They are typically designed to be maneuverable. The turning circle is minimal, which allows the industrial sweeper to access comers and tight areas without damage. These machines have an integrated dust control system that allows them to filter all kinds of dust ranging from cement, alumina, lead, etc., and fine dust particulate found in factories, warehouses, quarries, and mine sites. These machines have one or two side brooms that assist in the sweeping process. There are walk-behind and ride-on sweepers available in the market to help you choose the industrial sweeper that fits your need.

Benefits of a Street sweeper

The sole purpose of street sweepers is to clean streets and roads, but it brings amazing benefits along with it. The major benefits can be easily grouped into three categories:

  • Health: Street cleaning helps to improve the overall health of the community as cleanliness is health. When there is dirt and dust around, it leads to disease spread. So, it is important to keep roads clean.
  • Safety: Clean roads are safe. When roads are clean, it becomes easy for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists to use roads. Moreover, the chances of accidents are reduced when there are no piles of debris around on roads.
  • Preservation: Street sweeping preserves your streets, roads, wildlife, and your environment.

Benefits of Industrial sweeper

The industrial sweeper benefits are listed below:

  • Quality cleaning: Sweepers can clean large surface areas quickly. With industrial sweepers, one gets quality cleaning that is of a high standard and is reliable. Business owners can ensure the cleanliness of their facility throughout the day with industrial sweepers.
  • Productivity: Increase productivity by using industrial sweepers that require less labor. Get the cleaning done by sweeper rather than manually sweeping with a broom and save cost and time.
  • Safety: It is not easy to clean big industrial floors. Keep your people safe by letting them use industrial sweepers that remove the debris and help you keep a safe environment.
  • Low maintenance: Industrial sweepers are cost-effective solutions for cleaning large industrial floors. Today’s modern industrial sweepers are robust and are low-maintenance machines giving maximum benefit to businesses.
  • User-friendly: Industrial sweepers are user-friendly. It is very easy to train your staff to use these amazing sweepers and perform the cleaning job in quick time and with ease. These sweepers also have a range of integrated safety mechanisms to keep your staff safe at all times.
  • Built to last: The purchase of industrial sweepers is an investment in your business, so it is important to buy quality machines that are built to last for long times and serve you the purpose of cleaning your area with the same efficacy for years.

Bottom line

Sweepers, whether street sweepers or industrial sweepers, have revolutionised the sweeping and have made it easy to clean large surface areas with ease. They are known for being low-maintenance, user-friendly, and cost-effective choices for many businesses.

For further assistance in sweeping and cleaning matters, contact Australian Sweeper Corporation by dialling 1800-650-989 for free to talk to a customer representative. Browse their website for the extensive collection of every possible type of sweeper. It’s a haven for cleanliness and hygienic lovers! For emergency contact, dial 0412 041 742.