Construction Site Cleaning: Why & How?

Construction Site Cleaning With ASC Updated on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Site cleaning is extremely important, yet often overlooked, part of the construction process. A proper site cleaning can really mark the difference between any old construction company and a great company. But why is it so necessary and how do you go about conducting a thorough construction site cleaning?

Construction Site Cleaning With ASC Sweeper
Construction Site Cleaning With ASC Sweeper

Why is construction site cleaning so important?

Post-construction cleaning is absolutely essential. Whether you’ve been working with cement, aluminium, asphalt, iron ore, zinc, steel, wood or all of the above, you will inevitably have a great deal of dust, debris, grease and grime to deal with upon completion of your project.

From a health and safety perspective, ensuring that these substances are removed from the floor is key to a safe working environment.

Regularly cleaning your construction site will minimise the risk of trips and hazards and will allow other trades to work in a clean and safe site.

Health and safety aside, it’s also just good manners to leave a clean site. Ensuring that everything is clean and tidy after you’re finished with the construction work is a fantastic way to show your client that you are thorough, competent and diligent. It’s also a great way of showcasing the wonderful work you’ve done. If the site is free from dust and debris, you can really let your work and craftsmanship speak for itself.

How do you clean a construction site?

When it comes to cleaning your site, having the right post-construction cleaning equipment will make the world of difference. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll probably be dealing with large amounts of dust, debris, grease and grime and will, therefore, need proper industrial floor cleaning equipment in order to do the job properly.

When it comes to choosing the right construction site cleaning equipment, you will most likely need ASC sweeper and ASC scrubber. A sweeper will pick up heavy industrial dust and debris whereas a scrubber will help to remove grease, grime and other substances from the floors.

The type of sweeper and scrubber you will need depends entirely on the type of site you are working on. Smaller sites and workshops may benefit from the smaller walk-behind models whereas larger facilities or sites may require anything up to 500-litre capacity ride-on sweepers.

The final clean

Construction Site Cleaning With ASC Sweeper
Construction Site Cleaning With ASC Sweeper

Keeping the floors clear and clean throughout the construction process is key to maintaining health and safety standards. But once all the work has been finished on a project, you may also require a ‘handover clean’. Sometimes referred to as a ‘sparkle clean’, this is a final once over to make sure that everything is completely clean and ready for the client to use. So not only will this involve clearing up all the debris, cleaning the floors and removing all construction equipment, but also walls, fixtures and fittings.

A handover clean normally happens in the last few days before the project completion date and many developers will hire cleaning contractors to complete this task.

How can I find the right cleaning equipment for my construction site?

The right floor cleaning machine for you will depend on a variety of different factors such as the amount of space you have and the materials you are working with. High-quality floor cleaning machines can last up to 20 years so it’s important to invest in a machine that will not only work for you on your current project but also on future projects.

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