Why Buying An ASC Is A Good Investment

Updated on Friday, December 17, 2021

With thousands of users across Australia’s vast landscape, the question asked by many potential clientele is why should I choose ASC Sweepers or ASC Scrubbers? It’s an obviously basic question that can stumble the best of the salespeople. The answer is very simple.

ASC only has a select lineup of heavy-duty machinery in specific categories designed to outlast most products from the indoor to the outdoor market.

Model changes or upgrades only occur every 12 + years. So what are the advantages of our sweeper machines? Many people question why we at ASC wait so long before we issue a model change. Well, the question is really self-explanatory. All ASC machine model parts are universal and never change until the model becomes obsolete. 

The problem most owners and machines users and importers have is that sweeper/scrubber models upgrades occur every 1 to 2 years meaning hardware parts are quite often different depending on serial numbers regardless of the age or model of the machine.

With scrubbers as an example, this is a  particular problem. A manufacturer may change their squeegee design 6 to 7 times over the course of the life of a model. That then means that there may be up to 7 lines of squeegees that need to be stocked as parts.

If you happen to own one of these scrubbers the chances are quite high that you may have to wait for 7 to 9 weeks before your machine gets the parts required. If you’ve spent $6,000 to $45,000 on a machine you may well get quite frustrated waiting for parts to arrive while your facility gets dirtier by the week.

Worse still, imagine if the parts man on the other side of the phone asks you for a serial number that you cannot locate on the machine. It’s like saying you have a Holden Commodore VH and not being able to supply a VIN number; The parts guy cannot help you with what you require. While this would never happen in the auto industry it’s only too common in the sweeper scrubber industry.

With ASC, the parts are always constant. The part you may be chasing will be a shelf item regardless of how many years the part may sit on the ASC shelf. As an example, a manifold on an ASC never ages or becomes obsolete. Given the basics, ASC model changes are rare and seldom change over a 10 + year period.

This means that troubleshooting becomes easy, diagnosis of faults can be determined over the phone, and most parts required are always stocked and can be shipped to the end-user within 24 hours.

Australian Sweeper Corporation is all about making business easy. We carry the parts & know the product inside out.