Why Choosing A Walk Behind Sweeper Is Not So Easy?

Updated on Thursday, October 14, 2021

Are you looking to buy a walk behind sweeper? A sweeper that will clean up your floor perfectly in a quick time and will save you labour costs as well. Well, it may appear an easy task as there are numerous options available in the market. But choosing a walk-behind sweeper that fits your need and budget is not so easy!

There are many factors that you should consider when deciding to purchase a walk behind sweeper that fulfils your cleaning requirements and is budget-friendly. The market is full of sweeping machines in different colours, brands, prices and features to boggle your mind. Buying a sweeping machine is an investment, and hence you should be sure about the machine before buying it. Look out for the best-suited cleaning device for your space.

Many people are unsure of which commercial floor sweeper would best suit their application. Rather than making a random decision, it is advisable to do some research and learn the basic factors that confuse you while making a purchase.  We know that there are versatile walk-behind sweepers with many different features to make things complex for you. The list is long as listed below:

Machine size and structure

The walk-behind sweeper is available in many sizes. When it comes to buying a sweeping machine, you have to be very conscious of the size of the machine so that it suits your facility size. Moreover, ascertain the body structure material whether you need steel or plastic.

Surface type

There are different floor surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, tiles etc. You have to be sure that your walk-behind sweeper is suitable for your floor type. It should be effective enough to clean the floor perfectly.

Type of debris, dirt to be cleaned

Every warehouse, factory, industry etc., have different debris such as dust, sand, dry powder or chemical, manufacturing scrap, paper etc. So, the selection becomes difficult as your walk-behind sweeper should clean the debris of your facility, and its hoppers and filters should be well-capable to serve your need.

Size of Area to be cleaned

Another crucial factor is the size of the area. The walk-behind sweeper capacity in square footage to be swept and path size should be clear in your mind; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to choose the perfect walk-behind sweeper.


Investing in a walk-behind sweeper should save you labour costs and cleaning time. The performance of the machine is crucial. So, evaluate well; otherwise, it won’t be easy to decide the right machine at the buying moment. Invest in a sweeper that pays you back by saving the extra costs incurred in cleaning.


A walk-behind sweeper should have good maneuverability so that it cleans the area with sharp corners or dead-end aisles effectively. What if you buy a sweeping machine that is not effective at corners? All your investment will go in vain.

Working mechanism and functionality

Sweepers are available with different working mechanisms to make things more complex for you. Choose the budget-friendly option that suits your space. Look out for the functionality of the machine, the solution that it uses to sweep the floor.

Machine Maintenance

Everyone wishes to buy a machine that is rugged, powerful and designed to meet all needs of industrial and manufacturing applications with minimum maintenance. Regular maintenance by an authorized dealer is important for the machine longevity and reliable performance.


Does your walk-behind sweeper have safety features? Another crucial element novice people don’t know when buying this efficient machine.

Noise level

Not all sweeping machines have the same noise level. Moreover, different industries and businesses have their own requirement of noise levels. Buying a sweeper is not easy as you have to dig down deep into its features to know the noise level it creates.

Frequency of use

How frequently does your floor need cleaning? When buying a floor-sweeping machine, frequency is another crucial factor that makes the decision of choosing a sweeper even more complex. Your walk-behind sweeper should be efficient to be used frequently as per the cleaning need.

Ease of use

The walk-behind sweeper should be easy to use and handle. The operator of the machine should feel happy and satisfied while performing the duty.

Bottom Line

Compare sweepers based on these factors and decide the one that suits your facility and need. Yes, this sounds good, but that comparison is surely not easy. With so many factors to consider before finalizing a walk-behind sweeper, one definitely gets perplexed. There are so many questions that come to mind while going for this investment. Remember, cleaning your space is crucial; whether it is a hotel, restaurant, mall, factory or any other business floor, it is extremely important to keep the floor clean for staying healthy and safe. Well-looking and clean floors do make a difference and build your positive reputation. So, create your best impression with a clean floor, and you can do that with a perfectly suited sweeping machine for your vicinity.

To make your decision easier, brands such as ASC help you buy the right machine the first time. Just visit ASC or call them to help you out. ASC sweeper has the sturdiest and durable walk behind floor sweepers well suited for both small and large floors for different types. From compact manual push sweepers to larger powered sweeping machines, they have quality sweeping machines that fit all commercial floors in different budgets to suit your needs. Their competent team will guide you and help you choose the best machine suiting your needs. Rely on an expert team recommendation to get the right equipment the first time.

So, do your research, get knowledge and take professional assistance from a reputable brand that sells quality sweeping equipment to buy a walk-behind sweeper that is best suited to your specific cleaning needs. This will help you to decide the sweeper that will deliver superior sweeping performance for a long time.